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What are the Benefits of Restylane Silk?

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Hyaluronic acid-based fillers usually achieve the most desired result when used to fill in fine lines near the corners of the mouth and to augment the lips. Restylane® comes in several forms, and Restylane® Silk, which is a slightly thinner version than the original formula, is ideal for adding volume to the lips and enhancing the lip border. Because it is a plumping type of dermal filler, it adds small amounts of volume beneath the facial skin, so it’s the right choice for minimizing the appearance of smile lines on the sides of the mouth.

We ask our potential clients to consult with us before making any decision regarding dermal filler injections. There’s a lot of promotional material out there, particularly on skincare blogs, but one needs to get the real information from a trained specialist to understand how these fillers can enhance the appearance of the facial features. No two people are exactly alike, so we encourage all interested parties to talk to us first and allow us to examine the facial features for ourselves.

What is Restylane® Silk?

This is a hyaluronic acid-based filler that works by drawing in and holding moisture. The result is a slight plumping, the degree of which is controlled by the amount of gel used and where it is injected. Restylane® Silk is rather thin and is designed to target smaller areas where wrinkling is occurring. It doesn’t plump the lips as much as other Restylane® products, but it is perfect for reshaping and enhancing the natural border lines of the lips.

Hyaluronic acid is present in our bodies all through our lives. We produce it naturally but only in small amounts. In a concentrated form and mixed with a gel, its effectiveness at attracting and holding moisture in place is quite noticeable. Restylane® Silk dosage can be adjusted to achieve the desired result without causing unwanted bumpiness or a rippled skin surface.

What to Expect

When we consult with the client, we look closely at the areas of concern. Of particular interest is the thickness of the skin, how brittle it is, how many wrinkles occur on a given area of skin surface and how large these wrinkles are. If the lips are being treated, we examine the lip contours as well as the thickness of both the upper and lower lip.

When injected, the gel settles in beneath the skin layers. The added moisture soon becomes apparent. The surface is now smoother than before, and the plumping effect smooths away fine lines. When injected around the perimeter of the lips, the slight plumping creates a more youthful-appearing lip boundary.

There is no downtime after treatment. The effect of added volume can last for up to 10 months, after which repeat injections are performed if desired.

Advantages and Benefits

This is a simpler treatment than skin abrasion or ablation. As a lip augmentation treatment, it targets lip shape as well as horizontal balance. It’s non-surgical and therefore much simpler than the insertion of lip implants.

Enjoy Fewer Wrinkles and a Perfect Pout

You may not need to undergo dermabrasion, lip implants or any sort of skin ablation procedure to get that youthful appearance you desire. With Restylane® Silk provided at Aesthetic Assets, you can turn back the clock. Contact our office in Scottsdale today to learn more.

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