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Try Fire and Ice Facials in Scottsdale, AZ

By July 10, 2018April 19th, 2023No Comments

Taking care of your skin is incredibly important if you want to maintain your beauty as you age. Neglecting your skin is just going to allow wrinkles, age spots, fine lines and other signs of aging to develop on your face. Good skin care is even more important in Scottsdale, AZ because the extremely hot and dry weather can wreck your skin if you are not careful. If you are interested in instantly improving your appearance with a simple procedure, then you should consider learning more information about Fire and Ice facials.

Fire and Ice facials use two completely different cleansing masks to smooth, tighten and brighten your skin. The results are so promising that it has quickly become one of the top cosmetic skin treatments in Hollywood. Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow and several other popular actresses have gotten the Fire and Ice facial to improve their skin before going out on the red carpet at a big event. This is the perfect treatment to get before a big event because you will get the same great results of a chemical peel without ever having to worry about your skin peeling.

Parts of this facial include a rejuvenating mask that is designed to hydrate and cool the skin with aloe vera, green tea, hyaluronic acid and several other ingredients. This portion of the facial will stop the skin from peeling while also giving you a beautiful glow. The entire treatment should only take just minutes to complete. While the procedure is primarily designed to fix the skin on your face, it can also be used on the neck.

Your skin should feel tighter than ever before immediately after the facial is finished. You may experience some mild redness on your face, but this minor side effect will go away on its own after a few hours. If you protect your skin with a powerful sunscreen, then you will not have any limitations on your activities after getting the treatment.

While you will have glowing skin after one trip to our office in Scottsdale, AZ, it is still recommended to undergo a series of Fire and Ice facials to get even better results. You will notice a drastic improvement in the appearance of your skin after every treatment session.

You can learn more information about Fire and Ice facials during a consultation at Aesthetic Assets in Scottsdale, AZ. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment!

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