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Reverse Signs of Aging with Dermal Fillers

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Signs of aging skin include wrinkles and smile lines, nasolabial folds, and deep creases. The cheeks may also take on a hollow look. The cause of these visual signs are poorly supported skin, a decrease in the amount of collagen in the skin layers, and less ability for the skin to retain moisture. Dermal fillers can effectively plump the skin surface, making it more taut and supple.

This is accomplished by attracting moisture, building a scaffold upon which subdermal tissues attach, or grafting fat or other tissues. Most of our clients choose gel fillers over grafts or implants. Some of these dermal fillers yield positive results that last for a year or more. The injection procedure is quite simple, and there’s little to no downtime after the treatment.

Acid-Based Fillers

These fillers are in a thin gel form, and suspended in the gel are tiny hyaluronic acid particles. This acid is actually a type of sugar compound known as a polysaccharide. Our bodies produced a limited amount of hyaluronic acid, but most of us have very little of it present in and below the skin layers.

When hyaluronic acid is injected into and beneath the skin, it immediately begins to attract water molecules. The molecules of water also stick to each other quite readily, so the result of acid-based filler injections is a slight plumping effect. The added volume means a smoother skin surface and decreased visibility of wrinkles and creases.

Calcium-Based Fillers

These fillers are also in a gel form, and the gel contains calcium hydroxylapatite. The calcium particles stick to the tissues of the lower dermal layers and subcutaneous tissues. They form a lattice upon which other tissues stick. The gel itself also stays in place, so there’s a sort of double effect. The gel adds volume and structure, and the lattice forms a base upon which tissues build. This type of filler gel treatment is often recommended for the correction of larger folds and creases on the face.

Choosing the Best Filler

We cannot recommend any type of dermal filler until after we have consulted with the client and examined the areas of concern. The amount of filler gel to use and where to inject it varies according to the actual facial features, the severity of any wrinkling or creasing, and the thickness of the skin itself.

However, there is no downtime after treatment, so the client can get on with his or her regular activities. Most dermal filler treatments result in almost immediate improvement, and calcium-based fillers help kickstart a process of tissue attachment that continues for several months.

The skin looks smoother after treatment because the gel itself helps to create more natural contours. Most of the filler gel brands have several variants that are chosen by the dermatologist or aesthetic professionals for their ability to fill in a particular type of hollow, crease, or fold.

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