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Finish Off Your Weight-Loss Journey with CoolSculpting

By March 18, 2020April 19th, 2023No Comments

The road to the ideal body shape often starts with weight loss, which lays the necessary groundwork for the ultimate goal. Unfortunately, there are higher powers at play — namely biology — which can throw hurdles in the form of stubborn pockets of fat that hold on despite your best diet-and-exercise efforts. Luckily, we have the perfect solution for circumventing these forces with CoolSculpting, allowing you to contour your weight-loss results for better effect.

At Aesthetic Assets our nurses understand the frustration that can come with weight loss when you close in on your target, only to be hampered by bulges that won’t respond to diet and exercise. By studying how fat works, we’ve found that the CoolSculpting technology often holds the key for successfully finishing off your weight-loss journey.

You can’t target fat pockets through diet and exercise, but CoolSculpting can

Despite all of those ads that promise to target fat in certain areas, the fact is that you’re not in control of where your body chooses to shed the excess pounds. Yes, diet and exercise are certainly the best ways to send your scale in the right direction, but your biology dictates where you lose the weight.

By biology, we’re referring to several factors, including:

  • Gender — Men and women are hard-wired to store fat differently
  • Genetics — If your family tree favors larger hips, the odds are your body will, too
  • Age — As you age, the way your body burns and stores fuel changes

What makes our CoolSculpting technology so effective is that we can bypass biology and target your problematic fat directly. With CoolSculpting, we treat your target areas directly and the technology goes to work to destroy fat cells. You can trust our nurses Pam Andow, RN, Stacey Molina, RN, BSN , Tamara Kaye, RN, BSN and Natallie Swain, RN, BSN  to provide a comprehensive consultation and treatment plan that will target and transform pretty much any area that you might be troubled with. 

In fact, CoolSculpting is cleared by the FDA to treat nine different areas on your body, including your:

  • Submental area (below your chin)
  • Excess fat around your jawline
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Bra fat
  • Back fat
  • Underneath your buttocks
  • Upper arms

If you have certain areas that seem immune to your weight-loss efforts, they’ve now met their match with our CoolSculpting system.

You can’t change the number of fat cells you have through diet, but CoolSculpting does

As an adult, you generally carry the same number of fat cells in your body. When you gain or lose weight, your existing fat cells increase or decrease in size, respectively, but not in number.

With CoolSculpting, we can reduce the number of fat cells in your treatment areas, and the destroyed fat cells don’t ever regenerate.

Please note that your remaining fat cells can still increase in size, so you should maintain your great results by continuing your diet-and-exercise regimen.

If you’d like to bridge the gap between your weight-loss efforts and your ideal body shape, contact our office in Scottsdale, Arizona, to learn more about our noninvasive CoolSculpting fat-reduction treatments.

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