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Erase Unwanted Ink & Achieve Clear Skin

Laser tattoo removal is a highly effective treatment that uses advanced technology to remove unwanted tattoos. At Aesthetic Assets, we use the Lutronic Hollywood Spectra, which emits ultra-short pulses of energy to break down the tattoo ink into tiny particles that the body can naturally eliminate. This treatment is safe, non-invasive, and offers minimal downtime. Whether you want to remove a small tattoo or a larger piece, our team of experts can help you achieve clear, beautiful skin.

woman during laser tattoo removal in Scottsdale

Laser Tattoo Removal Treats:

  • Various tattoo sizes and colors, including dark and multicolored tattoos
  • Tattoos on various parts of the body, including arms, legs, chest, back, and face
  • Hyperpigmentation caused by previous tattoo removal attempts
  • Unwanted tattoos due to a change in personal preference or life circumstances
  • Fading an existing tattoo to make room for a new design

To learn more about laser tattoo removal in Scottsdale, contact our office for an appointment today!

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Laser tattoo removal works by using specific wavelengths of light that target and break down tattoo ink particles into smaller fragments. The light energy emitted by the laser is absorbed by the tattoo ink, which causes the pigment to break down into tiny particles. These particles are naturally eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system.

The Lutronic Hollywood Spectra is a Q-switched laser that produces high-intensity pulses of light in extremely short durations. The energy is absorbed by the ink particles, which shatter and are absorbed by the body. Multiple sessions may be required for complete removal, and the number of sessions needed will depend on the tattoo’s size, color, and depth.

Advantages of Laser Tattoo Removal:

  • Non-invasive and safe treatment with no downtime
  • The most effective way to remove unwanted tattoos with permanent results
  • Works on all tattoo colors and types
  • Precise targeting of tattoo ink with minimal damage to surrounding tissue
  • Ability to customize treatment plans based on individual needs and goals
  • Little to no scarring compared to surgical excision
  • Can fade a tattoo to make room for a new design
  • Enhanced self-confidence and self-image after removing a tattoo
  • Improved skin appearance with the achievement of clear, blemish-free skin

To learn more how laser tattoo removal in Scottsdale can help you, call us today for a consultation.

woman with clear skin after laser tattoo removal in Scottsdale

Your Laser Tattoo Removal Session

During your laser tattoo removal, our expert team will evaluate your tattoo and skin type to develop a customized treatment plan. The Lutronic Hollywood Spectra will be used to deliver short pulses of light to the tattoo, targeting the ink pigment. You may feel slight discomfort during the procedure, but we can provide numbing cream. The duration of the session will depend on the size and complexity of the tattoo.

Side Effects & Recovery

After laser tattoo removal, you may experience mild redness, swelling, and discomfort in the treated area, which should subside within a few hours. Some clients may experience scabbing or blistering, but these are rare and generally heal quickly. You must avoid swimming or strenuous exercise for a few days after treatment to promote optimal healing. With proper aftercare, you can expect significant fading or complete tattoo removal over several sessions. To further improve your skin after laser tattoo removal, see our medical-grade skin care products.

Results & Recommended Frequency

At Aesthetic Assets, we recommend a series of laser tattoo removal in Scottsdale sessions for optimal results. The number of sessions needed will depend on the size, color, and depth of the tattoo and your individual goals. Generally, clients will require between 4 and 10 sessions to completely remove their tattoos. Sessions are typically spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart to allow your body to fully eliminate the ink particles.

Enhance Your God-Given Assets Today

Aesthetic Assets is here to help you enhance your natural beauty and achieve your aesthetic goals. Our laser tattoo removal can help erase unwanted ink and embrace clear, beautiful skin. Whether you want to remove a small tattoo or a larger piece, our expert team will work with you to achieve your desired results. Don’t let an unwanted tattoo hold you back any longer — schedule a consultation to learn more about laser tattoo removal in Scottsdale and how it can help you.

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