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Are You Happy with the Way Your Lips Look?

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Dermal Fillers for the Perfect Pout

Want to feel more confident in your appearance? It is said that the shape of your lips determines your personality — and whether or not this is true, your lips do speak volumes. As we age, the depletion of collagen causes our lips to thin and lose their natural, full shape. So if your lips are sending the wrong message about you, it may be time for a little reshaping, which is incredibly easy with dermal fillers.

At Aesthetic Assets, under the expert hands of Pam Andow, Stacey Molina, Natallie Swain, and Tamara Kaye, our award-winning team receives ongoing education in the most advanced lip injection techniques to provide clients with natural & beautiful results.

When it comes to your lips, we have just the tools for the job. We look at our products like an artists kit. Each syringe of filler is a unique paint brush that your Aesthetic Assets provider carefully selects based upon your discussed expectations & goals.

What Lip Fillers Target:

  • Addition of volume & definition
  • Smooth & soften vertical lip lines (the smoker’s lines)
  • Restoration of aging/thinning lips

Which Lip Filler Do I Need?

With so many Hyaluronic acid products on the market and being uniquely formulated, it is best to come into our office to have a thorough assessment so that the medical provider can determine what product will be best for you. We carry a variety of FDA approved HA fillers which include:

  • Allergan: Juvéderm XC, Vobella, Vollure, Voluma
  • Galderma: Restylane, Restylane Silk, Restylane Refyne, and Restylane Defyne
  • Prollenium: Versa

Instant results that are long-lasting

Lip fillers are gel-like substances of hyaluronic acid that naturally occurs in our skin and it plays a major role in keeping the skin volumized and hydrated. One of the greatest benefits of lip fillers is that your results are immediate. Once we inject the filler, you’re free to show off your new smile right away. The results last for months, however it’s hard to predict exactly how long, as some of our clients enjoy results that last for up to a year while others may need more frequent touch-ups. But because we can administer the injections in mere minutes, lip fillers are an easy addition to your beauty regimen.

To bring out the best in your lips with dermal fillers, please contact our office in Scottsdale, Arizona, to set up an appointment. You can call us or request an appointment online right now.


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