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The Benefits of Nonsurgical Body Sculpting With CoolSculpting® Elite and Accufit™

By February 19, 2022April 19th, 2023No Comments

Temperatures are starting to really warm up, the days are getting longer, and you’re beginning to bring out your lighter, summer clothes. Unfortunately, your body has become softer and less toned, and you’re wondering how to whip yourself into shape.

While surgery was once the go-to tool for body shaping, newer technologies allow us to garner dramatic body-sculpting results without the risks and discomfort of interventional techniques.

At Aesthetic Assets, Pam Andow, Stacey Molina, Tamara Kaye, Natallie Swain, and the rest of our highly qualified cosmetic team are thrilled to offer our clients these newer technologies — namely CoolSculpting® Elite and Accufit™.

In the following, we take a look at how each can give you a jumpstart to that toned, sculpted body of your dreams, without resorting to surgery.

Noninvasive fat reduction

First up in our body-shaping arsenal is CoolSculpting Elite, which is a cutting-edge, FDA-cleared technology that can eliminate fat in nine different areas, including the:

  • Inner/outer thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Bra fat areas
  • Love handles
  • Banana rolls underneath your buttocks
  • Upper arms
  • Chin
  • Knees

For your treatments, we use dual applicators (which means we can treat two areas at the same time) that deliver cooling into your tissues, which freezes and destroys fat cells — up to 20-25% of them — in your target areas.

Not only is CoolSculpting Elite noninvasive, but with cryolipolysis (fat freezing), we destroy these fat cells for good, as they don’t regenerate. (Please note that existing fat cells can still expand, so it’s important to maintain your great results through diet and exercise).

CoolSculpting Elite shouldn’t be viewed as a weight-loss tool, as it works best if you’re within your target weight range. Where the technology excels is in directly tackling those stubborn deposits of fat that seem immune to your every effort. 

In other words, with CoolSculpting Elite, we can reduce and smooth out those fatty bumps and bulges with a series  treatments, which we space apart to allow time for your body to flush out the dead fat cells.

Striking the right tone with Accufit

While reducing fat is a great way to achieve your ideal body shape, we can also tone your body with a technology that mimics, and even bests, a great workout regimen — Accufit. 

With Accufit, we activate your muscles using electrical impulses that cause your muscles to contract. Through exercise, you can target and engage certain muscle groups, but your body determines which muscles it activates. With our AccuFit technology, we can contract every fiber in your target muscles, giving the tissues a more complete “workout.”

The technology is noninvasive — all you need to do is sit back and relax while Accufit goes to work. The third-generation system is designed to tailor your muscle-toning treatments to your needs through its IntelliPhase™ waveforms, which produce four different, unique muscle movements. As well, the Accufit system creates automatic multi-mode treatment algorithms through IntelliCycle™.

We recommend a series of treatments (typically four), which we schedule 2 sessions per week for 2 weeks. Then we can go into a maintenance schedule if desired. The first 4 treatments are 30 minutes and maintenance treatments are 45 minutes.

If you want to show off your summer body with confidence this year, contact our office in Scottsdale, Arizona, to schedule the ultimate body-shaping treatments with CoolSculpting Elite and Accufit. Check out the amazing results on a few of our patients before and after pics below!

Pre-Treatment and Post 1 Session

CoolSculpting PreTreatment and Post 1 Session Love Handles

CoolSculpting and Accufit Upper Arms – Before and after 2 Treatments

Accufit Abdominals Before and After 1 Package

Accufit Abdominal Pre-treatment and post 1 Package




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