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Take The Wobble Out of Your Gobble

By November 13, 2023No Comments

Just look at any turkey you’ll have a full understanding of what a “turkey neck” is. Our necks experience changes as we age that will contribute to the appearance of turkey neck and some of those changes include: an abundance of fat under the chin, loss of skin elasticity, a weak chin/jawline and over development of neck muscles/bands. Any of these concerns can make the appearance of the jawline less sharp, and the separation of face and neck less defined.

Whether you’re suffering from a subtle fullness under your chin or a full-fledged gobbler, our expert team at Aesthetic Assets, Face and Body Rejuvenation Center have several non-surgical treatments that will improve the appearance of the turkey neck.

Too Much Fat
Both Kybella and CoolSculpting are the best non-surgical treatments options that are ideal for those who suffer from too much fat under their chin which can contribute the appearance of a double chin or turkey neck.

Kybella – Is the only FDA approved injectable for double chin. The primary ingredient in this injectable is synthetic deoxycholic acid, which destroys fat cells in your submental area.

Once these fat cells are destroyed, your body flushes them out, leaving you with an improved contour between your face and neck.

Depending on the extent of the fat in your submental area, you may need a series of 2-6 treatments. Over the course of your treatments, you’ll realize gradual results as Kybella goes to work to eliminate fat cells which are excreted through the lymphatic system. Your patience will be rewarded, however, as a new and improved profile emerges.

CoolSculpting Elite – Since submental fat is one of the primary causes of a double chin, we’re excited to report that our revolutionary fat-reduction technology, CoolSculpting Elite, is FDA cleared to reduce fat under your jawline and under your chin.

With CoolSculpting, we literally freeze the fat cells under your chin. This will destroy the fat cells in a process called cryolipolysis. Once these cells are destroyed, your body flushes them out naturally, through the lymphatic system.

Your CoolSculpting results are gradual, and you may need a series of treatments. As the fat cells die and exit the area, your profile will steadily improve over the course of a few weeks.

Each treatment session will give you a 20-25% fat reduction. As you do more treatments, those results are cumulative!

One point we want to note about both Kybella and CoolSculpting is that once the fat cells under your chin are destroyed, they are gone for good as long as you can maintain pretreatment weight.

Loose Skin or Laxity
Unfortunately, as we age our skin becomes looser especially in the lower face and neck areas. Our best non-surgical approach for addressing loose skin is our Lutronic Total Skin Solution Tighten Brighten Treatment.This treatment uses radiofrequency, Microneedling and a surface laser to tighten the tissues and even out the skin’s tone and texture. The treatments may be recommended as a single treatment or done as a series depending on your needs and treatment goals

Strong Neck Muscles
As we age, the muscles in our neck tend to become very strong and can have the tendency to pull the face tissue down, blurring the definition between face and neck. Botox and Dysport are both excellent treatment options to soften these muscles and reduce “pulling”.

Weak Chin or Jawline
Sometimes our genetics can lean toward a weak chin or jawline. This can be easily addressed by one of our expert injectors with Juvéderm Volux, the only FDA approved dermal filler for the jawline. Made of a robust hyaluronic acid, Volux will provide more structure and definition.
Your Aesthetic Nurse Specialist will provide a complimentary consultation to assist you with creating the best treatment plan to meet your goals. At Aesthetic Assets, our team of aesthetic experts provide solutions that have you covered head to toe. If your turkey neck is the target, schedule your complimentary consultation today and let’s get started.
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