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Smooth Your Appearance With BOTOX In Scottsdale

By July 10, 2018April 19th, 2023No Comments

Are you tired of seeing those annoying smile lines and crow’s feet appear when you make facial expressions? You aren’t alone. Age-related skin problems cause dynamic wrinkling to become noticeable when the facial muscles are contracted. There are surgical means to smooth the skin, and there are aggressive peel treatments and dermabrasion. However, for a simpler solution, consider BOTOX injections. Our Scottsdale clients are thrilled with the results they experience, and you will be, too.

This treatment works its magic by relaxing the facial muscles. It doesn’t cause numbness, and it doesn’t prevent you from smiling, frowning, or narrowing your eyes. However, it does keep the facial and forehead skin smoother without the need for skin ablation procedures or skin resurfacing treatments.

The Simplest Solution

BOTOX is the most popular skin-smoothing treatment on the planet, and here’s why. There’s no need treat the skin directly because dynamic wrinkling can be prevented merely by relaxing the facial muscles. The procedure can be completed in less than 20 minutes, and the results often last for up to six months. This makes it the ideal treatment for those who have a busy schedule or who feel they aren’t ready for something more aggressive such as a deep chemical peel or a facelift.

Anyone who is experiencing age-related wrinkling that appears when smiling or frowning is performed can benefit from BOTOX injections. Crow’s feet, marionette lines, and even horizontal banding on the forehead can be improved with a single treatment.

A Natural Muscle Relaxing Agent

BOTOX was originally developed as a treatment for muscle spasms. Today, BOTOX is most commonly used as a treatment for dynamic skin wrinkling. The formula is a liquid containing a diluted concentration of botulinum toxin Type A. When the toxin is injected into the muscles that control facial skin movement, the muscles no longer receive signals to contract. The deeper muscles still operate normally, so the individual can still smile and frown. However, the smile lines and crow’s feet are no longer visible, so the very act of frowning or pursing the lips doesn’t make the individual look old and tired.

What You Need To Know

This is a very simple treatment, but it can’t be performed properly unless the correct dosage is used. The exact location of the injection sites must be determined through visual observation of the client making various facial expressions. During the consultation, we watch as you smile, frown, purse your lips, and make wide-eyed expressions. This allows us to choose the right amount of fluid to use and also helps us determine which muscles need to be relaxed.

The injection procedure takes only a few minutes to perform. The fluid slowly but surely deadens the signal-receiving ability of the muscles. After about three days, the dynamic wrinkles no longer become visible as the skin remains relaxed no matter what facial expressions are made.

BOTOX treatments are effective for about five months. As the lines and wrinkles once more become visible, a repeat treatment is performed. Each subsequent treatment requires less of the fluid because the muscles are now trained to stay partially relaxed.

Good News For Our Scottsdale Neighbors

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