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Welcome to Aesthetic Assets: Your Path to Radiant Youthfulness

At Aesthetic Assets, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve & maintain a naturally youthful appearance. Our clinic in Scottsdale is among one the first in Arizona to offer RF Microneedling with Potenza by Cynosure. When aging happens faster than you would like, RF Microneedling is here to help boost collagen and elastin, tighten the skin, and leave you with radiant glowing complexion.

What Does Potenza Do?

The Potenza’s unique technology uses ultrafine needles and radiofrequency (RF) energy to penetrate the skin and boost collagen and elastin. The needles create controlled microinjuries that reach a thermal coagulation point (using heat to destroy tissue), which tells the body to start healing itself. In turn this creates new collagen and elastin production within our dermal layer, which treats advanced signs of aging by tightening the skin, shrinking pores, killing acne bacteria, treating acne scars and surgical scars It also regenerates new tissue leaving you with a brighter complexion. Potenza addresses many skin concerns which makes it great for all ages and skin types.

Is Potenza Really Effective?

Absolutely! Potenza offers a wide variety of tips with different needle arrays, and it’s the only device that can switch from monopolar to bipolar, and from 2 MHz to 1 MHz and it is the first and only device that has an infusion tip! This wide range of settings and selection of needle arrays, allows your clinician to customize your treatment based on skin type and skin concern.

Potenza’s versatility allows us to perform the Fusion Facial by Potenza with their signature infusion tip. During this treatment a topical, medical grade sterile serum (ie. Hyaluronic acid, exosomes, prf, Botox/Dysport, etc.) is administered where the fusion tip pushes that serum 67% deeper into your tissue than it would be when just massaging it into the face.

After your Potenza treatment you will notice a reduction in your fine lines and wrinkles, tighter and firmer skin, improved skin texture, smaller pores, diminished scarring, reduced acne, and an enhanced youthful appearance. During your global aesthetic consultation, your clinician will take pre-treatment photos and discuss your goals before determining the best treatment options for you.

How Is the Procedure Performed?

We’ll take your photos to monitor before and after changes, update your medical history and go over consents. You’ll then numb for an hour prior to the treatment. The procedure itself takes about 30-45 minutes, and you have the option to be on pro-nox (laughing gas) for additional comfort measures.

At Aesthetic Assets, we also combine the Potenza treatment with a LaseMD Ultra immediately post. This is a resurfacing laser that helps with pigment, tone, texture, fine lines, and wrinkles. It is apart of our Tighten and Brighten package and can be found here.

What Are the Side Effects of Potenza?

  • Mild irritation for a few hours.
  • Redness/erythema (similar to a sunburn).
    • Typically lasts for less than 24 hours.
    • In rare cases it can last for a few days to a week.
  • Mild swelling/edema: this is typically worse in the morning and subsides throughout the day.
  • Pinpoint bleeding/bruising around needle sites, typically gone after 24 hours.

How Often Should You Get Potenza?

After your initial Potenza RF Microneedling Treatment – we schedule you an appointment 14 days to come back in office for your exfoliating and hydrating Dermaplane + Diamond Glow Facial. 4-6 weeks after your Potenza treatment, you’re back in the office for photos and the next steps in your journey. Potenza treatments can be done every 4 weeks in a series or spaced 4-6 weeks between your injectables + laser treatments. After your series you and your provider will closely collaborate on your ongoing treatment plan pathway.
how long does it take to see results from potenza?

You will typically begin to see results as early as 10-14 days post treatment. Usually – we notice your changes in your skin before you because you’re seeing yourself everyday… At your 14-day post treatment appointment during your Dermaplane + Diamond Glow we document photos and match them to show you that day what magic has started to happen. At this point redness, texture and swelling has subsided and that glow is starting to shine through! It can take up to 2-4 months to see the final results, as every bodies collagen & cell turn over cycle operate at slower or faster rates.

What Not To Do After Potenza?

During your Potenza treatment your body is being reminded to make new elastin and collagen due to the intense heat and energy being applied, and because of this you should avoid anything with active ingredients. These can include but not limited to Retinoids, AHA’s/BHA’S, Glycolic Acid & Chemical/Mechanical Exfoliants. Your Potenza package will come with all the post treatment products necessary to ensure that you heal as quickly as possible.

Elevate Your Aesthetic Assets Today

Aesthetic Assets is dedicated to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals through non-surgical face and body rejuvenation. Potenza RF Microneedling is just one of the many treatments we offer to help you maintain the health and beauty of your skin. Our experienced team is committed to providing personalized care and attention to your aesthetic goals. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to see how Potenza can be the perfect addition to your facial rejuvenation.

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