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Get Effortlessly Perfect Brows with Microblading

By July 13, 2018April 19th, 2023No Comments

Creating the perfect eyebrow look can be difficult if you lack the time or talent for applying cosmetics. Rather than mess with brow pencils or mascara, you can get a more appealing and even look with microblading. Find out how this treatment is performed and what benefits it can offer you when you want to enjoy the perfect set of eyebrows.

Despite being a cosmetic procedure, microblading does not involve the use of makeup. Instead, it is a form of tattooing that entails placing small amounts of pigment under the top layer of your skin. Unlike conventional tattoo procedures, however, microblading involves the use of a handheld tool rather than a machine. The artist doing your procedure will manually apply the ink to ensure an even and appealing result.

You may believe that microblading is as uncomfortable as getting a regular tattoo. In fact, it is noticeably less uncomfortable. People who have undergone microblading say that it feels like small scratches. You will notice the sensation of the procedure, but the scratching should not be unbearable.

You need not take days or weeks off of work to undergo this procedure. As such, it is an extremely convenient treatment for people with busy schedules and lifestyles. With that being said, it is important that you allow enough time in your day for the appointment. It is also important that you follow your microblading artist’s aftercare instructions closely to ensure the best results of your procedure. Your skin may feel a bit off for the first few hours or days after your appointment. This is normal and to be expected. It will go away relatively quickly.

With the proper aftercare, the results of your microblading treatment can last for quite a long time. In fact, many people report positive results lasting for years. You can go through the procedure with more confidence by learning how it is done and what you can expect during and after your appointment.

The best way to learn more about how this procedure can work for you is to consult with the team at Aesthetic Assets in Scottsdale. During this meeting at our office, you can bring up any questions or concerns you may have. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started!

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