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Ditch the Dreaded Double Chin With Kybella

By May 29, 2020April 19th, 2023No Comments

Double chins seem to crop up in people of all ages, shapes, and sizes, meaning this condition is an equal opportunity offender. Making matters worse, no amount of targeted exercise or weight-loss efforts can really make an appreciable difference. Thankfully, we have a tool that’s more than up to the challenge — Kybella®

At Aesthetic Assets, under the experienced guidance of registered nurses Pam Andow, Stacey Molina, Tamara Kaye and Natallie Swain, we bring you the latest tools and treatments to help you overcome seemingly impossible hurdles. A double chin can certainly seem like one of those hurdles. But an FDA-approved injection called Kybella is helping our clients in Scottsdale, Arizona, bring a new definition to their faces, eliminating pesky submental fat for good.

Doubling up

As we mentioned in the beginning, double chins can develop in both men and women of all ages and sizes, as the propensity to gather fat under your chin appears to be tied to genetics, aging, and weight gain.

Of course, age and size do play significant roles. For example, as you get older, you naturally lose elasticity and tone in your skin, which allows fat to fall, in this case under your chin. Additionally, if you gain weight, your body stashes the extra fat anywhere it can, including the small area under your chin.

But even thin, young adults aren’t immune to the formation of a double chin if they’ve inherited a face shape that lends itself to the condition (a less prominent chin, for example) or skin that’s naturally looser.

Regardless of how you arrived at your double chin, the good news is that Kybella can tackle it, no matter the circumstances.

Kybella: A singular solution

Traditionally, the only way to effectively eliminate a double chin was through an invasive surgery that removes the excess fat and tissue. But in 2015, Kybella received FDA approval as the only injectable to eliminate fat. And we’re pleased to offer this solution here at Aesthetic Assets.

Kybella contains deoxycholic acid, which targets and destroys fat cells. Once the fat cells are broken down, your body naturally flushes them out through your lymphatic system. And the best part is that your body doesn’t regenerate new fat cells to take their places.

Depending upon the size of your double chin, you may need a series of treatments (2-6 in most cases), which we space apart by 6-8 weeks to allow time for your body to expel the fat. To ensure your comfort, we apply a topical anesthetic before we administer the injections. You may experience some swelling for a short period afterward, but this resolves by itself within a few days.

As you progress through your treatments, you’ll realize gradual results as Kybella goes to work. Slowly, but surely, your patience is rewarded as a new, singular chin emerges, giving clear definition to your face and your profile.

Here’s a before and after photo of one of our patients.

If you’d like to get started on eliminating your double chin, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Or you can use the online scheduling tool on this website to set up an appointment.

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