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3 Amazing Benefits of Adding Sculptra to Your Anti-Aging Regimen

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There’s no shortage of anti-aging products on the market that all claim to turn back the hands of time, which makes it difficult to sort through the clutter to figure out the best plan of attack for your goals.

At Aesthetic Assets, one of our missions is to do the homework for you, which allows us to provide the most effective anti-aging weapons available. And one tool we’re particularly excited to offer to our clients in and around Scottsdale, Arizona, is Sculptra® Aesthetic. Sculptra is a dermal filler but is also a biostimulator. It is unlike other dermal fillers in that it tackles several problems at once, for natural-looking results that last.

Here are just three of the amazing benefits of adding Sculptra to your anti-aging regimen.

Standing the test of time

One of the most fascinating aspects about Sculptra is that it was originally approved by the FDA in 2004 to treat lipoatrophy for people with HIV. In the simplest of terms, lipoatrophy is the loss of fat in specific areas, such as the face, which is a common side effect of certain medical conditions, including HIV.

This treatment helped patients living with HIV by reducing the gaunt appearance that affected many sufferers, restoring a look of better health.

Based on its success in this arena, Sculptra gained FDA approval in 2009 as Sculptra Aesthetic to correct shallow-to-deep facial wrinkles and folds. Today, Sculptra enjoys an 88% satisfaction rate in the cosmetic world.

A natural approach

Most dermal fillers accomplish two objectives — fill in deep lines and restore volume. To do this, they rely on a number of different substances, from hyaluronic acid to porcine collagen products.

Sculptra, on the other hand, contains poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), which is a collagen stimulator. What this means is that rather than filling in deep lines with an outside source, Sculptra works with your body to restore your skin’s inner structure.

Collagen, along with its counterpart elastin, are the two proteins responsible for the elasticity and tone in your skin. As you age, your collagen production begins to naturally wane, leaving your skin to sag and folds to develop. By stimulating your collagen production with Sculptra, we’re able to prompt your body to rebuild collagen strands that lift your face and restore volume.

This type of “inside job” approach delivers great results that look natural since they are natural.

Going the distance

The final benefit that we’d like to highlight is that Sculptra produces longer-term results than many other dermal fillers. Since Sculptra works by stimulating your collagen, your results won’t be absorbed or dissipate within a few months. In fact, many of our patients enjoy results that last up to two years.

Now, you do need to be more patient as the Sculptra process takes a little more time since it’s working with your body, and your body works at its own pace. Typically we recommend three Sculptra injections over a few months to allow time for your body to go to work on rebuilding your skin from the inside. Your results will be gradual as you progress through the injections, but the wait is worth it, as you’ll enjoy these all-natural results for quite some time.

If you’d like to make Sculptra a part of your anti-aging regimen, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Or you can use the online scheduling tool to set up an appointment.

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