Achieve a Youthful Complexion With the Lutronic Genius™

After the age of 20, you produce 1% less collagen annually, and that’s critical because it’s the structural protein responsible for the strength and tone in your skin. While this collagen deficit is barely noticeable at first, these incremental declines begin to add up, leaving your skin without the resources it needs to maintain a youthful complexion. And before you know it, you’re faced with sagging skin that makes you appear far older than you feel.

Fractional radiofrequency and gentle microneedling for tighter, smoother, younger skin has become the go to treatment in the aesthetic industry in Scottsdale, Arizona and in all major cities across the globe. For the past few years the Infini RF Skin System by Lutronic was the most popular and effective device for skin tightening and acne scars. Lutronic spent 7 years and millions of dollars upgrading and expanding the Fractionated RF and micro-needling technology and introduced Genius RF to maximize treatment result and comfort. The Genius RF System includes a sterile cartridge with 49 insulated ultra-fine micro-needles that safely and comfortably delivers the RF energy to the precise tissue depth. This process creates tiny thermal coagulation points under the surface of the skin that results in new collagen and elastin growth and ultimately thicker, tighter and smoother skin.

What are the benefits of a Genius Treatment?

In addition to tightening loose skin around the face and neck a Genius treatment offers several advantages, including:

The needle labeled “G” is the Genius needle. Which device would you choose?


Regaining your youthful complexion

After your Lutronic Genius treatment with us, your skin may look immediately firmer, but the real work takes place below the surface. As your collagen and elastin come online, your skin’s complexion will gradually improve, with optimal results about 6-12 weeks after your treatment. And these results are yours to maintain until aging catches up with your skin again. 

Before and After Genius Treatment Photos

At Aesthetic Assets, under the direction of Pam Andow, RN,  Stacey Molina, RN, BSN,and Tamara Kaye, RN our goal is to provide our clients in the Scottsdale, Arizona, area with the most innovative technologies and treatments to combat aging skin. One that tops our list is the Lutronic GeniusⓇ, which delivers a powerful one-two punch for more vibrant skin.

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