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Get tighten, smoother skin with this non-surgical fractional RF Micro-needling Device!


Fractional radiofrequency and gentle microneedling for tighter, smoother, younger skin has become the go to treatment in the aesthetic industry in Scottsdale, Arizona and in all major cities across the globe. For the past few years the Infini RF Skin System by Lutronic was the most popular and effective device for skin tightening and acne scars. Lutronic spent 7 years and millions of dollars upgrading and expanding the Fractionated RF and micro-needling technology and introduced Genius RF to maximize treatment result and comfort. The Genius RF System includes a sterile cartridge with 49 insulated ultra-fine micro-needles that safely and comfortably delivers the RF energy to the precise tissue depth. This process creates tiny thermal coagulation points under the surface of the skin that results in new collagen and elastin growth and ultimately thicker, tighter and smoother skin.

Where are the benefits of a Genius Treatment?

In addition to tightening loose skin around the face and neck a Genius treatment offers several advantages, including:

  • Decreases appearance of pore size
  • Improves the appearance of acne scars
  • Can be used for stretchmarks
  • Can be use on any part of your body (chest, arms, tummy, banana roll, knees etc)
  • Can be use on any skin type, for the lightest to the darkest complexions)
  • Fast in office treatment with minimal downtime
  • The most sophisticated micro-needle design available. See image below comparing various popular RF Micro-needling devices


The needle labeled ā€œGā€ is the Genius needle. Which device would you choose?