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Keralase™ “Intelligent Care for Hair”


Is thinning hair thinning your patience?  43 million women and 63 million men suffer from hair loss.  KeralaseMD™ is the newest most cutting-edge treatment designed for hair growth and restoration. 


This innovative treatment combines a two-step procedure that starts off by prepping your scalp with the FDA cleared Lase MD® which creates micro-channels in the area to be treated. Think of these tiny micro-channels similar to what happens when you aerate your lawn preparing it for fertilization and new grass growth of your lawn.


Step two of the procedure involves saturating the micro-channels with Kerafactor®, the newest FDA approved growth factor that specifically targets hair follicles. Think of Kerafactor® as the fertilizer encouraging your new hair growth. Unlike PRP and other growth factors, the KeraLase™ nanoparticles are specific to scalp tissue and stimulate growth during all four phases of the hair growth cycle. It also allows for 5 times higher penetration for the nanoparticles. The end result is thicker, darker more luxurious hair.


A KeraLase® treatment only takes about 15 minutes to perform and is done in a series of 3-6 sessions spaced 2-4 weeks apart. No numbing is required making your session short enough to fit into your busy schedule with no discomfort and zero downtime.


Kerafactor® – a new growth factor serum for predictable, proven results with Lase MD®, a non-ablative Thulium 1927nm laser by Lutronic to prep the scalp by creating micro-channels in the areas to be treated.


Keralase nanoparticles are specific for the scalp allowing for optimal penetration.  Since Keralase allows and encourages stimulation during all 4 phases of the hair growth cycle it is more effective than PRP and even the powerhouse PRF!  When combined with Lase MD absorption is 5 times higher thanks to these breakthrough nanoparticles. Think of better absorption without blood draws. The end result is the predictable promotion of stronger, smoother, thicker and more luxurious hair.


This treatment takes about 20 minutes to perform and is done in a series of 6 sessions, spaced 2 weeks apart.  No numbing is required making your sessions short enough to fit your busy schedule with virtually little to no discomfort and zero downtime.


Check out the amazing results our office manager saw after only 2 treatments!

And look how quick and easy this treatment is!