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Get Rid of Sagging Jowls and Other Signs of Aging With Surgery-Free INFINIskin™ RF

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This innovative technology is at the cornerstone of our signature 3D non-surgical facelift available only at Aesthetic Assets, Face and Body Rejuvenation Center located in Scottsdale, Arizona. This one of a kind procedure will tighten, Brighten and volumize your face and neck with very manageable discomfort and downtime.

If you’d like to explore how the INFINIskin and the overall 3D facelift package can help reduce your jowls and other effects of aging, here’s a look at how our combination approach delivers amazing results. Will before and after images go here?

The skin you’re in

The reason we prefer a multi-faceted treatment program to offset the effects of aging is that there are a number of forces at play, each requiring a different approach.

One of the reasons your skin begins to show signs of aging is a loss of collagen and elastin, which provides the foundational support for youthful skin. Without these resources, your skin succumbs to the wear and tear with each passing year, increasingly losing the ability to bounce back as it once did.

As we age layers of facial fat begins to diminish and migrate downward, leaving a sunken and hollow look. We also lose bone density in our face with the aging process which further contributes to an overall loss of volume.

The fix

Since much of the problem lies with a loss of collagen and elastin, it makes sense to start there when rejuvenating your skin. With the INFINIskin microneedling and radiofrequency technology, we’re able to create a mild healing response in your skin, which comes in the form of renewed collagen production.

We like to refer to this process as “shrinking the envelope” or skin of the face.

First, through microneedling, we create very tiny punctures over the surface of your skin, which your body responds to with collagen to repair and shore up the tissue. By also sending radiofrequency energy through the layers of your skin, we create a deeper collagen response, tightening your skin from the inside, as well as on the outside.

The combined technology is extremely effective against sagging skin around your jowls and neck, and it does a great job in improving the appearance of acne scarring, creating a smoother surface with renewed collagen.



While our INFINIskin treatment alone produces great results, reducing the appearance of wrinkles,  sagging skin and scarring, our “Tighten and Brighten” package, combines INFINskin and LaseMD treatments on the same day for even better results. LaseMD targets surface pigment and texture creating a youthful glow with even skin tone.

The 3D non-surgical facelift is our ultimate rejuvenation package that combines multiple Tighten/Brighten packages followed by a series of volume replacement sessions with Sculptra four to six weeks later.

The big reveal

One of the best parts of our 3D non-surgical facelift is that there’s little downtime — you can resume your normal activities and wear make-up within a day or two after your procedure.

Because these treatments work with your body’s natural healing response to grow new collagen, your results reveal themselves gradually and look more natural. Some of our clients see results within a week, with continued improvements over the next six months. The end result is skin that looks more vibrant and youthful, shaving years off your appearance.

With a one hour complimentary consultation we’ll provide you with an individualized treatment plan that meets your aesthetic goals, budget, and timeline, please give us a call. Or you can use the online booking tool found on this website to schedule your consultation.

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