Lift Your Cheeks Non-Surgically with Juvederm Voluma

One of the main telltale signs of aging is having sunken cheeks. Unfortunately, we lose fat in our face as we get older. And while losing fat in the face is something that a lot of young people are working hard to do, they usually want to do just the opposite as they get older. It really is the fat in the cheeks that causes a person to have smooth skin and a younger appearance. The good news is you can add some volume back to your cheeks and lift your cheeks non-surgically with Juvederm Voluma®.

When Juvederm Voluma® is used to lift your cheeks, it is going to be injected very carefully into areas where you need the most amount of volume. Using Juvederm Voluma® is not something that is going to require days of recovery. No incisions are made, and surgery is not required. No implants are going to be put underneath your skin. Juvederm Voluma® is a smooth gel that is a very skillfully injected into areas where you have lost volume and where you want some more contour.

This is not a permanent treatment. Over time, you are going to lose some of the volume that was a result of the filler being injected. This actually makes people feel more comfortable when having the treatment done for the first time. And another great thing is that if you love the way you look, you can have the product injected again as you start to lose volume.

You are going to notice an immediate lift in your cheeks with Juvederm Voluma®. But you are also going to see other benefits over time. All of the Juvederm® products are based on hyaluronic acid. This is something that makes your skin look hydrated and fresh. Unfortunately, it is something that diminishes over time. Your body does not make as much of it as you get older. This is why you lose volume and your skin starts to look dry. So you will notice that your skin benefits from the injections because more hyaluronic acid will be added to your skin. It will help to hold onto water, so your face will look hydrated and moisturized. It will immediately have more volume.

If you are unsure if Juvederm Voluma® is right for you or if you have questions, our team at Aesthetic Assets would be happy to have you visit our office in Scottsdale for a consultation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get started.

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